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25 World Leading Psychologists, Neuroscientists and Professors reveal their most effective approaches to making changes that last.

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The Holistic Change All Access Pass Is The #1 Online Resource To Show You How To Make Changes That Last

Since setting up The Weekend University in 2017, we’ve been honoured to host some of the best and brightest minds in psychology at our monthly conference at the University of London. Just as they have had an incredible impact on the attendees at our live events, they will change the way you think and act too.

These world-leading change-makers know more about behaviour change than almost anyone else on the planet. Better still, they apply everything they teach in their work with clients - so you’re not just getting theories, but effective (and evidence-based) strategies that will help you make changes that last, in a sustainable way. 

Some of our speakers charge up to £500 per hour for their time in their one on one work with clients. We say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you.

If you are ready to commit to a bigger future, and to realise more of your potential, then why not learn directly from the best minds in the field?

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The good news is - with the Holistic Change All Access Pass, you'll have exclusive lifetime access to video and audio files from all 25 sessions, so you can study the material in depth, at your own pace - wherever, and whenever you feel like it. 

So Why Should You Take a Scientific and Holistic Approach to Change?

Usually, when trying to make a change, we think willpower is the answer.


If we just try harder and be more disciplined, it’ll work this time.


But very often, it doesn’t.


A 2016 study found that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week in February.


Whether we want to give up smoking, start exercising, or commit to a new habit, often we find our best efforts fall to the wayside, and after a few weeks we’re right back where we started.


Worse still, now we feel guilty we’ve ‘failed’ which can make us feel less motivated to try again in the future.


Could it be that most of us are just lazy and irresponsible? Or might it be that we don’t understand how our brains really work and the actual science of changing behaviour? In other words, might our common sense about behaviour change be wrong?


A growing body of research indicates that if we want to make changes that last, willpower is not the answer.


Rather, there are evidence-based approaches now being used every day in the fields of clinical psychology and psychotherapy to help people drop extreme addictions and develop new empowering habits.


So for your behaviour changes this year, what if you tried a different approach? One that was 

holistic, evidence-based, and scientifically proven to make changes that last – even in extreme cases?


Might you get a different result?

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CPD Certification and Quizzes for each Module 

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The Holistic Change All Access Pass qualifies you for over 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To claim your certificate, all you need to do is complete the associated multiple choice quizzes for each module with an average score or 70% or higher. Then, request your certificate from our admin team. We will review your request and send it to you within 48 hours if you are eligible.

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What Previous Attendees Have To Say

Here are some of the world-leading psychologists, neuroscientists and professors you’ll be learning from with your all access pass:

Day 1 - The Big Ideas

Humanistic Approaches to Change

Professor Mick Cooper

Professor Mick Cooper is an internationally recognised author, trainer and consultant in the field of humanistic, existential and pluralistic therapies. He is a Chartered Psychologist, and Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton. In this session, Professor Cooper explores humanistic approaches to change, the key research findings in psychotherapy, and how you can apply them to make lasting changes in your life.

Existential Approaches to Change 

Professor Emmy van Deurzen

Professor Emmy van Deurzen is a philosopher, counselling psychologist and existential psychotherapist. She has founded and directed a number of training organisations and continues to be the Principal of the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at the Existential Academy in London. In this session, we discuss existential approaches to change, including Emmy's 4 Worlds Model, The Emotional Compass, and the counter-intuitive role of anxiety in change.

Steven Hayes

Developing Psychological Flexibility 

Professor Steven Hayes, PhD

Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno. The author of forty-three books and more than six hundred scientific articles, he has served as president of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, and is one of the most cited psychologists in the world. Dr. Hayes initiated the development of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and of Relational Frame Theory (RFT), the approach to cognition on which ACT is based. In this session, you'll learn how to assess your own psychological flexibility, the six core processes of ACT, and how you can implement them to make meaningful changes in your life.

Neuroplasticity and Behaviour Change 

Dr Gabija Toleikyte, PhD

Dr Gabija Toleikyte is a neuroscientist and performance coach, who completed her PhD on the neuronal basis of memory and navigation at University College London (UCL). In this session, Gabija shares the fascinating science of how the brain changes across the lifespan, and practical neuroscience-based insights for making behaviour changes that last, and realising more of your potential.

Evolutionary Psychology, Compassion and Change 

Professor Paul Gilbert OBE

Professor Paul Gilbert, OBE, is a British clinical psychologist, the founder of compassion focused therapy (CFT), compassionate mind training (CMT) and author of books such as The Compassionate Mind, Overcoming Depression, and Living Like Crazy. In this session, we explore the evolved nature of the human mind, and why understanding it is critical for anyone seeking to make changes in their life. We also discuss the science of compassion and how you can use it to reduce self criticism and improve well-being.

Day 2 - Heal from the Past

Using Expressive Writing to Heal Emotional Wounds 

Professor James Pennebaker, PhD

James Pennebaker, PhD, is Chair of Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin and author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, Opening Up, and other books. He is an internationally recognised expert on the connection between writing and better health. In this session, we explore the healing power of expressive writing, and how it can be used as an effective treatment for traumatic experiences and emotional wounds.

Polyvagal Theory and Trauma

- Irene Lyon

Irene Lyon, MSc, is a nervous system specialist and somatic neuroplasticity expert. She teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date, her online programs have reached thousands of people in over 60 countries. This session will explore how traumatic experiences get 'trapped' in the nervous system, triggering negative emotions and unwanted behaviours long after the event has taken place, and how a polyvagal approach can offer a powerful solution.

Healing the Shadow 

Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley is a bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming & shadow integration. His books have been translated into 13 languages, he’s spoken at Cambridge University, The Houses of Parliament, is a regular expert panellist for The Guardian and has been named one of The Next Generation of Meditation Teachers. In this session, we explore shadow work; what it is, why it’s vital for mental health and wellbeing and practical ways you can begin to heal and integrate your own shadow.

Jungian Approaches to Change 

Dr Mark Vernon, PhD

Dr Mark Vernon is a writer, broadcaster, and psychotherapist, with an interest in Ancient Philosophy. He contributes regularly to programmes on the BBC, comments and reviews for the national press, as well as giving talks and leading workshops. In this session, we discuss the key ideas of Carl Jung and how they can be applied to help you make lasting and meaningful changes in your life.

Healing Your Personality System 

- Derek Scott

Derek Scott is the Founder of IFSCA, a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapist and Social Worker. This session will provide an introduction to the key ideas of Internal Family Systems Therapy and how you can apply them to heal from difficult experiences in early life. This exciting and evidence-based approach was developed by Dr Richard Schwartz, PhD in the early 1990s.

Day 3 - Upgrade Your Present

Change Your Story, Change Your Life 

Professor Timothy Wilson PhD

Professor Timothy Wilson is an American social psychologist and writer. He is the Sherrell J. Aston Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia and teaches public policy at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. He is known for his research on self-knowledge and the influence of the unconscious mind on decision-making, preferences and behaviour. He is the author of two popular books on psychology, 'Strangers to Ourselves' and 'Redirect'. In this session, we discuss how small changes in our internal narratives (the stories we tell ourselves) can help us make meaningful changes in our lives and improve psychological wellbeing.

Mindfulness as a Catalyst for Change 

Dr Tamara Russell, PhD

Dr Tamara Russell, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, and the Director of the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London. In this session, we explore the science of mindfulness, how it can be a powerful catalyst for change, and Tamara’s groundbreaking Body in Mind Training (BMT) approach.

The Psychology of Meditation 

Liam McClintock

Liam McClintock is a Certified Meditation Instructor who is currently completing his MSc in Applied Neuroscience at King's College London. He is the creator of the science-based meditation training app: FitMind – which combines ancient techniques with western science to create an effective mental fitness program. In this session, you’ll first learn about the underlying psychological mechanisms of meditation. Next, Liam will guide you through five of the most intriguing and unexpected meditation exercises from his groundbreaking app - FitMind.

Scientific Approaches to Spirituality 

Dr Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more than 85 scientific papers and 14 books. He is a leading researcher into anomalous phenomena and was named among the top 100 Global Thought Leaders for 2013. He studied biology and biochemistry at Cambridge University where he earned his Ph.D., followed by a fellowship at Harvard where he spent a year studying philosophy and history. In this session, we discuss Rupert’s latest work on scientific approaches to spirituality, why they work, how they improve psychological wellbeing, and how you can use them - even if you do not identify with any kind of religion.

ACT & The Transcendent Self

- Shamash Alidina

Shamash is one of the UK’s leading professional mindfulness teachers. He is the international bestselling author of Mindfulness For Dummies and The Mindful Way through Stress. He is the co-founder the world’s first Museum of Happiness in London, and more recently, Shamash has been training practitioners in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This session will outline the six core processes of ACT, and how to implement them to increase psychological resilience and wellbeing in day to day life. You’ll also learn the key role of the 'transcendent self' in each process.

Day 4 - Create Your Ideal Future

The New Science of Self Actualisation 

Professor Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD

Scott Barry Kaufman is a humanistic psychologist exploring the depths of human potential. He has taught courses on intelligence, creativity, and well-being at Columbia University, NYU, the University of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. In 2015, he was named one of “50 groundbreaking scientists who are changing the way we see the world” by Business Insider. In this session, we discuss the new science of self actualisation, a bold reimagining of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and how you can use these insights to realise more of your potential and live a creative, fulfilled, and connected life.

A Future Worth Building For

- Ruby Wax OBE

Ruby Wax, OBE is an American actress, mental health campaigner, lecturer, and author. She graduated in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and gained a master's degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from Oxford University. She is currently a Visiting Professor in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey. In this session, we discuss the key ideas from Ruby's new book: And Now For the Good Newswhich outlines several reasons why humanity has a hopeful future to look forward to. You'll learn about the most exciting developments coming in education, community building, tech, business, and food. 

Existentialism & Living an Authentic Life 

Yannick Jacob

Yannick Jacob is an Existential Coach, Positive Psychologist, Coach Trainer & Supervisor, Mediator and the FMR Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. In this session, we discuss the key ideas from existential philosophy and how they can be applied to live with a greater sense of meaning, purpose and authenticity in everyday life.

The Psychology of Your Future Self 

Professor Hal Hershfield, PhD

Professor Hal Hershfield is a Researcher and Associate Professor of Marketing, Behavioural Decision Making, and Psychology at UCLA. While he was a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, his research concentrated on the psychology of long-term decision-making and how time affects people’s lives. One of Hershfield’s most well known discoveries suggests that when people are confronted with their “future selves” they experience an emotional sense of connection that can influence long-term decision-making. In this session, we explore the psychology of your future self, and how to use the key insights from Hal’s research to make better long term decisions and lasting changes in your life.

Dr Joel Vos

The Science of Building a Meaningful Life 

Dr Joel Vos, PhD

Dr Joel Vos, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, philosopher, lecturer and author. He is leader of the Professional Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, and works as researcher at the Metanoia Institute in London.  Dr Vos is a leading researcher in the field of meaning-centered therapy, with over 70 research publications to his name. In this interview, we discuss Joel's research into the science of meaning, and how you can use these insights to build a meaningful, engaging and fulfilling experience of life.

Day 5 - Build Habits That Support Your Ideal future

Overcoming Negativity & The Secrets of Self Control 

Professor Roy Baumeister, PhD

Roy F. Baumeister is one of the world’s most prolific and influential psychologists. He has published well over 500 scientific articles and more than 30 books. In 2013, he received the highest award given by the Association for Psychological Science, the William James Fellow award, in recognition of his lifetime achievements. He is currently the Eppes Eminent Scholar and a professor of psychology at Florida State University, and he holds distinguished visiting professorships at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia and VU University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In this interview, we discuss the key insights from Roy's work on the negativity bias, how to overcome it, and the secrets of improving your self control. 

The Psychology of Self Awareness 

Dr Tasha Eurich

Dr. Tasha Eurich, PhD is an organisational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She contributes to Harvard Business Review and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, NPR, Forbes, and Fast Company, as well as peer-reviewed journals. Her TED talks have been viewed more than three million times, and in 2019 she was named one of the top 30 management thinkers by Thinkers50, as well as the world's number one self awareness coach by Marshall Goldsmith. In this episode, we discuss Tasha's research into the psychology of self awareness, how it is a skill that can be learned, and how you can use Tasha's insights to increase your self awareness, and improve just about any area of your life.

Kristin Neff - The Weekend University

Developing Self Compassion

- Dr Kristin Neff, PhD

Kristin Neff, Ph.D. is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on self-compassion, being the first one to operationally define and measure the construct over a decade ago. In addition to her pioneering research into self-compassion, she has developed an eight-week program to teach self-compassion skills in daily life, co-created with her colleague Dr. Chris Germer, called Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). In this session, we explore the science of self compassion, and how this fascinating new area of research can help you be kinder towards yourself and experience more wellbeing in day to day life.

The Science of Learning and Creativity

- Professor Vincent Walsh

Vincent is Professor of Human Brain Research at University College London. He leads the Applied Cognitive Neuroscience research group which aims to use neuroscience to improve high performance in sport, high pressure decision making and advancing human brain stimulation in cognition and health. For the past decade he has focused on applying his knowledge to the real world. In particular, he has taken a special interest in elite performance (working with football clubs, international rugby and Team GB squads, as well as businesses and the military), creativity (working with concert musicians, artists and business professionals), and sleep (working with sleepdeep, and focusing on sleep and learning, sleep and the menopause, and the role of sleep in learning and creativity). In this session, we discuss the latest research into the science of learning and creativity, and how you can use these insights to maximise your potential in these important areas of life.

The Science of Changing Habits 

Professor Wendy Wood

Professor Wendy Wood is a research psychologist who devoted the last 30 years to understanding how habits work. She is Provost Professor of Psychology and Business at the University of Southern California, where she also served as Vice Dean of Social Sciences. Having published over 100 scientific articles, she received numerous awards for her research and teaching. For the past 30 years, her research has been continuously funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, and the Templeton Foundation. In this session, we explore the key insights from Wendy's 2019 book: 'Good Habits, Bad Habits', exploring the science of how we form habits, why relying on willpower doesn't work, and practical things you can do to make lasting changes in your life.

Here’s What Some of our Speakers Have To Say About The Weekend University

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